If you are interested in renting space at the Wilson Abbey please fill out this form.

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    Additional Tables and Chairs

    Theater rental includes 4 round tables and up to 32 chairs. Auditorium rental includes 100 chairs.

    8' Rectangular Tables ($5 each)

    5' Round Tables ($5 each)

    Chairs ($1 each)

    Additional Services

    *Sound System

    Auditorium ($450 fee)None Needed
    *Use of the auditorium sound system and one microphone is $450 total. This includes our tech.

    Additional sound setup, including additional equipment, pickups, microphones, etc., will add to the cost of the sound system.

    *Bringing in food


    Setup & Cleaning Fee

    Theater and Conference Room rentals require a setup/cleaning fee of $40. Auditorium rentals require a cleaning fee ranging from $150 to $450 depending on the size and type of event you are having.

    I acknowledge and accept the stated setup/cleaning fee.