The Crossing in Concert March 22!

The Crossing returns to Wilson Abbey!

Come enjoy some “choons” for the St. Patrick’s Day season. All are welcome! Free admission, donations will be accepted. Enter through Everybody’s Coffee at 935 W. Wilson Ave.


The Crossing, all of whose members reside in Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood, are in their fourth decade of music-making! The majority of the band are adept at several instruments and this diversity is one engaging element of their set. In addition to his well-seasoned voice, frontman and lead lyricist Tony Krogh is equally at home with guitar, bouzouki, banjo, bagpipes, and whistles. Mark Hall, the band’s chief “fluter,” also plucks the harp beautifully. In addition to her low-end rhythmic duties on the cello, Hilde Bialach also fills out the sound with piano, guitar, and shares lead vocals. Eric Clayton moves deftly between guitar, bouzouki, bodhrán, and djembe. Jennifer Ingerson focuses all her energies on being the fiddler extraordinaire—and all members come together with rich, intricate vocal harmonies. The resulting sound is truly transcendent. Although finely tuned ears will notice the influence of greats like The Tannahill Weavers, Altan, The Chieftains, and other great trad groups, The Crossing’s years in the craft lend them a sound all their own.


When not out raising the roof at festivals, colleges, pubs, churches, or even house shows, the members of The Crossing can be found back at home in inner-city Chicago, where they live and work with a group that serves the region’s poor, homeless, and disenfranchised on a full-time basis. This constant closeness to the needy has shaped the band’s unique perspective on both the simple pleasures and the universal struggles of the human experience. Like many of the great Celtic artists before them, theirs is a tune with her feet anchored in the ground, her eyes fixed heavenward, and her hands outstretched to her neighbors. “Our deepest hope,” Krogh insists, “is that our friends can glean some of the peace, joy, and fun that this music has brought to us. Like the musicians of old, we’re here to serve. This music is a gift, and there’s no better way to honor the giver of a great gift than to keep giving it.”


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