Photography by Terry Wheeler

Photographs by Terry Wheeler

Everybody’s Coffee, located in Uptown Chicago, is thrilled to announce our next art show—The Miracles She Keeps, Black & White Photographs by Terry Wheeler. The prints evoke a sharp contrast in their well-defined black and white images, capturing and preserving a moment in time in an emulsion of silver and gelatin. Between light and darkness, there are miracles.

Though he has been photographing for over 30 years, this is Terry’s first show. He shoots with a Nikon or sometimes a Leica Rangefinder and develops his own prints. “I enjoy the challenge coaxing an image out of a negative and playing with the subtle gradations.” Terry was influenced by the photos of Ansel Adams, who helped create the zone system, using a narrow focus thereby controlling the light and dark values. The image fills the frame, giving us all we need in order to render a whole world.

As well as pursuing photography, Terry is a musician of Americana music.

Been asking of creation

the miracles she keeps

the thunder of the whirlwind,

the voices of the deep.

Terry peers through his lens to find a melding of the ecclesiastical and ecological, great wonders of mystery. Join us for the Miracles She Keeps: Black & White Photographs by Terry Wheeler, May 4 – June 5. Opening reception Friday, May 4 at Everybody’s Coffee, 935 W. Wilson, Chicago.

The Miracles She Keeps:

Black & White Photographs by Terry Wheeler

May 4 – June 5

Opening Reception Friday, May 4, 6 – 8 pm

Everybody’s Coffee, 935 W. Wilson, Chicago

Contact: Jane Hertenstein 773-454-4887